Sunday, July 30, 2017

I wish I pushed my client to buy insurance earlier

Something that insurance agents hate to say but know all too well - "I wish I pushed my client to buy insurance earlier".

Anne-Marie Lee shared in MDRT Resource Zone her true tale of life insurance in action.

Her client Joe was the main breadwinner for his wife and daughter. 

While Joe's with was opposed to life insurance, Joe agreed to review his insurance coverage with Anne-Marie. His life insurance policy was inadequate, and he had a term critical illness policy worth only about $50,000. As for his medical insurance, he said that his wife had taken care of it through her friend, who was an insurance agent.

Joe asked for time to persuade his wife. This went on for more than five years. Finally, in 2014, he decided to take action himself and started an
additional life policy without telling his wife. He asked that the correspondence be directed to the shop where he worked, and his boss helped by redirecting some of his commissions from clients to use for his premiums.

One day last year, a lump suddenly surfaced on his neck. It turned out to be mid-stage cancer. Thankfully, there was money to help him and his family focus on his treatment with the additional life insurance purchased. Joe had to undergo a long series of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

Unfortunately, the medical insurance was not as comprehensive as it should have been. His wife was thankful for the insurance she had originally been against.

Anne-Marie regrets not pushing for more insurance earlier, despite the wonderful work she did. Thankfully, Joe responded well to the treatment and survived, but he will always suffer from some of the side effects of his treatment. Today, Joe is in remission and back to work full time.

Read the full write-up here 


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