Saturday, December 3, 2011

Purchase auto insurance online in Singapore

Get free automobile insurance quotes online, if you would like to compare the car insurance premiums and rates. Also know as car insurance or motor insurance.

Want to buy car insurance online in Singapore? Probably the most well-known websites for online auto insurance quotes are from Aviva, Direct Asia and CompareXpress.

Trying both Aviva and CompareXpress..

The main difference is that Aviva offers car insurance quotes from its own company while CompareXpress offers motor insurance quotes from a few insurance companies and banks including Etiqa Insurance, Liberty Insurance, China Taiping and CIMB Bank.

Having tried out both with the same information, Aviva's online insurance website to "Get Quick Quote" seems more user-friendly. It could also give me a quote straightaway while CompareXpress had "no matching online
quote" for me but offered me the option of engaging an insurance broker to help me "find the best deal".

Aviva offers a 45-day guarantee on the insurance quote generated so the offer stands if you can decide within the time period. Not sure for CompareXpress as they didn't offer a quote.

Aviva offers more options for you to select. For example, you can choose to save money on the insurance premiums by opting for a higher excess, restricting the number of drivers, or even by going green and opting for your policy documents to be sent through email.

No harm trying the websites out for comparison with the free online auto insurance quotes.

Here are some information and details you may want to have in hand to generate the online car insurance quotes:

Number of years you have had your driving license,
NCD (No Claim Discount)
Number of claims you have made against your car insurance policy in the last three years
Number of demerit points 
The make and model of your car
Year of registration of your car
Finance company
Cover start date


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