Friday, September 15, 2017

Manulife Ready CompleteCare: Arm yourself with a critical illness plan that covers you again and again

Manulife Singapore has launched Ready CompleteCare, a critical illness insurance plan that offers the most comprehensive coverage across early, intermediate and advanced stages for 106 conditions.

Insurance Plan to Cover all Early, Intermediate and Advanced Stages of Critical Illness

Early detection of critical illnesses may enhance the chance of a full recovery, and the plan is designed to provide financial support through all three stages of critical illness – early, intermediate and advanced – so customers can focus on treatment and recovery.
To further lighten the financial burden, Ready CompleteCare also offers extra insurance coverage of 20% of your coverage amount (capped at S$25,000) for up to six claims on diagnosis across 18 special conditions, which can be particularly expensive to treat.

“Cover Me Again” insurance benefit

Most customers’ policies and savings can weather the cost of a single critical illness. However, the reality is that many critical illnesses have a high chance of occurring and recurring during a person’s lifetime. For continued protection against recurring illnesses, Manulife introduces Cover Me Again, a ‘restart’ feature that restores your coverage in 12 months following a claim, allowing you to claim up to 500% of your coverage amount. Other critical plans cease its cover after you’ve claimed for your condition, but Manulife Ready CompleteCare covers you again and again.
Cover Me Again also provides additional payouts in two forms:
  • Additional Major Critical Illness Benefit which pays 200% for six covered advanced stage critical illnesses;
  • Recurring Cancer Benefit which pays 100% for subsequent advanced stage major cancer.


Carlos Vazquez, Chief Product Officer, Manulife Singapore said: “At Manulife, we want to care for our customers right from the beginning and partner them in every aspect and stage of their lives. Manulife Ready CompleteCare therefore keeps our customers covered through the early, intermediate and advanced stages of critical illnesses. We understand that after a critical illness diagnosis, it is very difficult for our customers to qualify for insurance. Manulife ReadyProtect is designed to stay in-force and continue to protect even after a critical illness diagnosis, so as to keep providing coverage in the unfortunate event of a future diagnosis.”
Table 1: 18 Special Conditions

Note: For angioplasty and other invasive treatment for coronary artery, the total amount that we will pay under all policies which we are liable for on the same life shall not exceed S$25,000.


Is there a critical illness insurance policy specially designed for men? Yes!

I wish I pushed my client to buy insurance earlier

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