Friday, August 28, 2015

The magic of insurance

Whenever you read about insurance in the papers, it is often about failed claims, agents cheating their clients, mis-selling, misrepresentations etc etc.

Unsurprisingly, the public often has a negative impression of insurance agents, insurance products and the insurance industry in general.

Hence, when appreciation is shown for #magicofinsurance, we believe it should be shared far and wide.

If you have more of such stories, share them with us.


Here's a post from Daphne Chloe Toh who wanted to thank her AIA Financial Consultant Jacqueline Lum.

Interim hospital bill. Credit: Daphne Chloe Toh

Interim bill - $10.745.45! 😰
Honestly, this is the last thing I want to care about when I'm seriously sick. Thankful to have met good agent aka friend Jacqueline Lum who shared with me the benefits of insurance.
Yes, it can be expensive but it doesn't cost as much as a bill you received once you discharged!
Buy it when you don't need it, not when you need it and you can't buy it.
**Don't tell me you are too young for all these. As the saying goes, hospitals and coffins are no longer for elderly, but the sick-ish. You won't know when you need it, but when you do need it, you are prepared for it. =]
ps: I don't get any commission for promoting this, but to share how insurance can save my family. heart emoticon
— feeling thankful at Mount Alvernia Hospital.



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