Friday, August 21, 2015

Insurance made fun and easy - it's possible

When the word "insurance" is mentioned, oftentimes it evokes emotions of 
(a) dread boredom
(b) confusion  
(c) irritation
(d) #$%^@#$
(e) all of the above

This does not have to be the case.

Of all countries, the Singapore (surprise,surprise) Government has recently unveiled a series of videos to introduce and explain benefits for the Pioneer Generation and MediShield Life for all - the mandatory universal health insurance coverage for Singaporeans.

(Read more about MediShield Life at )

Concepts and government policies made simple to reach the heartland uncles and aunties.

Watch these Chinease drama- and MTV-worthy videos:

The Journey to the West / Monkey God inspired video:
The Journey 嘻游记 (Hokkien with Chinese subtitles)

The cabaret, glitzy inspired video:

Pioneer Showtime 半斤八两PG 版 (Cantonese with Chinese subtitles)

The Getai MV inspired video:

Pioneer Generation Package – Pioneer Cheer 咱是自己人 (Teochew with Chinese subtitles)

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