Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recommended to read Insurance E-Mart before buying anything (insurance)

"This is a good site to refer to. Highly recommend reading it before buying anything. Insurance E-Mart."

"To conclude, I will say when looking for advisors, do look at their background and their knowledge before consulting them. Otherwise, do read up on your own too. This is a good website to start off with Insurance E-Mart"

There was an increase in traffic form HardwareZone forum (forums.hardwarezone.com.sg), which of course is one of the most popular forums in Singapore. (If not the most popular!)

The above recommendations and positive comments were posted in threads discussing "How come people who are under insured still refuse insurance coverage?" and "What is the purpose of insurance? For saving? Investment? Or protection?".

Both comments and recommendations were by "i need beer" (whoever he or she is, is not connected and has no relation to this blog), who is an insurance advisor, no less. 

Think something right is being done here on this humble blog. Thanks for the recommendation and support. Give that man (or woman) a beer!

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