Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An insurance company that rewards customers for keeping healthy? Great Eastern Life

Great Eastern Life, the largest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia, is helping its customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia keep healthy.

It has raised its Live Great Programme, an integrated health and wellness programme for its insurance policyholders, to the next level with the launch of a series of product initiative that reward customers with lower insurance premiums or increased insurance coverage upon them attaining better health.

In Singapore, Great Eastern Life launched "Live Great Healthy Rewards"
where customers with a good Live Great Health Assessment score will be rewarded with cash rewards of up to 15% for the first two years and if they continue to keep healthy, they will enjoy a one-time 30% cash rewards on the third year. For a start, all Great Eastern Life Supreme Term policyholders as well as customers who purchase a Supreme Term policy by 31 December 2013 can enjoy this. Great Eastern Life has partnered Parkway Shenton for the health assessments.

For policyholders who do not score well in their health assessment,
Great Eastern Life will pay for the cost of the follow-up consultation

"We sincerely want to help our customers understand their results and seek advice from the doctor on what they can do to improve their health," said Mr Chris Wei, Group CEO, Great Eastern Holdings Limited.

In Malaysia, Great Eastern Life took a revolutionary step in health insurance with the launch of Smart Premier Health which rewards customers for staying
healthy. Customers are rewarded in two ways – firstly, they pay lower cost of insurance and can enjoy up to 25% rebate after the fourth year and secondly, they enjoy a 10% increase in coverage every three years. "This two-pronged approach will provide its customers sustained and adequate medical protection in the face of rising healthcare costs".

For corporate customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Great Eastern Life launched its Group LIFE programme, the first of its kind integrated employee health incentive benefits programme focused on helping employees live healthier, better and longer. 

Employees are encouraged to take steps to improve their health and well-being on a collective basis and are rewarded with LIFE points. The LIFE points
can be used to purchase products and services from its Live Great merchants,
purchase insurance from Great Eastern Life or pay for medical, dental and optical services for themselves or their immediate family members.

“What we have introduced to date in the region is only the start. Our customers can look forward to more Live Great initiatives and offerings. We believe that our approach to reward customers for staying healthy will not only benefit our customers and Great Eastern Life, but also the industry. We believe we have pioneered a unique approach and we hope more insurers will come on board to help their customers live healthy. After all, as a LIFE company, our purpose is to help everyone live better, healthier and longer,” said Mr Wei.

You can find out more about Great Eastern Life at http://www.greateasternlife.com/sg/en/index.jsp

They are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

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