Monday, January 30, 2012

What types of travel insurance are there?

Other than travel insurance of different sum assured and coverage from different general insurance companies that sell them, you may be interested to know that there different types and categories of travel insurance. 

1) Single trip travel insurance - this is the typical plan that most people by. As the name implies, it is a one time, single trip cover. It is a short-term policy covering a specific trip commencing from and returning to Singapore.

2) Annual travel insurance cover - If you travel often in a year, instead of a single trip insurance, you may wish to consider an annual plan that can cover you for a one-year period. Depending on how often you travel, this arrangement could get you some savings.

3) Individual Plan - A policy covering the policy holder and any other individual person

4) Family travel cover - If you travel often as a family, a policy to cover the policyholder and immediate family members may be appropriate. A family plan typically covers legal spouse and legitimate children. 

Do note that travel insurance usually comes with different sum assured, and may differ by the country/region that you are travelling to. There is usually a cap on the number of days per trip. Also, a cap may be imposed on the number of insured persons under a Family Plan policy.

Read the policy documents for details.

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  1. There are various travel insurance plan offered by insurance companies. So, don`t forget to consult your own insurance agent about your travel insurance plan. May be your agent have some good suggestions based on what he know about you and your current insurance plan.

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