Wednesday, January 3, 2018



Direct platform provides real-time claims data and recommends insurance policy that most suits customer needs

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (AIG Singapore) has launched a new online travel insurance productTravel Guard® Direct – that leverages data to provide customers with valuable insights on their destination countries.

The product is the first in Singapore to allow customers access to real-time claims information for top destination countries across Asia Pacific, the United States and United Kingdom, so that customers can better understand travel risks, and make informed choices about the level of coverage they need.

An innovation of the standard Travel Guard plans, the new product is priced according to destination, duration and age, so customers can benefit from more accurate, effective pricing based on the risks involved. This also simplifies the travel insurance purchase experience as customers can now select a plan by travel destination, instead of figuring out which zone their destination belongs to.

This product is the latest in AIG Singapore’s initiatives to digitise the customer journey from purchase to claims, bringing greater efficiency and convenience. This follows a tie-up with DBS to offer instant travel insurance claims e-payment.

Mr Ignatius Chng, Vice-President and Head of Group Personal Insurance, AIG Singapore, said Travel Guard Direct was developed with a more customer-centric experience in mind and is part of the company’s ongoing digital transformation efforts to use technology to meet changing customer needs.

“As a market leader in travel insurance, we wanted to harness our data and digital capabilities to profile customers more effectively and deliver more relevant solutions. As customers are more digitally savvy, they prefer bite-sized information and fuss-free online purchases. With Travel Guard Direct, we hope to create a more personalised experience that reflects each individual’s preferences and circumstances.” Mr Chng said.

Real-time information on the platform include claims for top destinations; for example, top claims for travellers to Thailand tend to be medically related while those for the United Kingdom are baggage-related.

Designed for different travelling styles, Travel Guard Direct provides four travel insurance plan types: Basic, Standard, Enhanced and Supreme.

Customers can select either a return or one-way trip option, while the Enhanced and Supreme plans include an add-on Cruise Vacation Benefit, which provides customers with cover on their cruise vacations by topping up as little as S$3.

Customers will also be able to submit and receive claims, as well as view price comparisons for individual trips and annual policies on AIG Singapore’s website.

To purchase a Travel Guard Direct plan, please visit:


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